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Following the release of our film, Joe Feingold released his personal memoir "Joe's Violin: A Survivor Remembers". Below is a description of the book which is now available for order on Amazon

Joe’s Violin: A Survivor Remembers, begins with Joseph Feingold’s idyllic childhood in Warsaw and the devastating disruption wrought by the Nazis’ rise to power. We follow Joe to Siberian labor camps, war’s end, the infamous Kielce pogrom of 1946, and his reunion with some family members and tragic loss of others. Joe’s grueling journey shifts tone when he sets foot in America. Now a survivor filled with hope for a new life, Joe studies and works hard, fulfills his dream to become an architect, and happily marries. In 1985, he wrote his memoir to satisfy family inquiries, then set it aside for almost 30 years. A new, inspiring chapter emerges after Joe hears about an instrument drive on public radio. He donates the violin he bartered in a German DP camp to Brianna, a schoolgirl in the Bronx. After a filmmaker hears Joe's story on WQXR radio, she tracks him down. "Joe's Violin," the film, is made and nominated for an Oscar in 2017. The violin's journey continues, handed down from one young violinist to the next at the Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls (BGLIG). Joe is still in touch with the extended school and film family. Joe's story of survival and the universal power of music will touch the hearts of all readers. 

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